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Bolles Köche - Mädchen + Storch

Our advantages


BOLLE’s chefs – that’s the best team in the world: head chef, assistant chef, junior chefs, patissiers and the service crew with their team and service managers. A team of a dozen members of national and international background, with experience from top international gastronomy. Everything we can do should benefit you and your guests in providing an enhanced dining experience. Let us pleasantly surprise you.

As a quality caterer exclusively for BOLLE’s Festsäle, we offer unique advantages.

01 | Efficiency

As an in-house caterer, we are directly on site and very familiar with the facilities at BOLLE Festsäle, which saves resources and time by using tried-and-tested processes and solutions.

Bolles Köche - Desserts

02 | Expertise

We are true masters of our discipline and have mastered the art of cooking to perfection. We have a wide range of culinary skills and serve and prepare dishes with passion and great precision.

03 | Trust & Transparency

We focus on transparency in the origin of our ingredients and our preparation processes. You can trust us to always adhere to the best practices.

04 | Individuality

Our culinary specialities are unique and individual. We are happy to adapt them to your preferences and needs to ensure that the dishes meet your expectations.

05 | Diversity & Expertise

Thanks to our close collaboration with various partners, we can cover a wide range of services and expertise. You can rely on our partnerships to move your project forward and deliver a comprehensive solution.

Our responsibility

BOLLE'S craft

Whenever possible, we use local, seasonal and sustainably produced ingredients in our kitchen. We prioritise careful preparation and value quality in all its facets. Our primary goal is to guarantee excellent flavour as well as the highest quality.

We serve sophisticated and creative compositions for every occasion and firmly believe that true enjoyment can only be achieved by treating people, animals and the environment with respect and using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

We understand sustainability as the comprehensive responsibility for economic, ecological and social behaviour. Our aim is not only to organise outstanding events, but also to make our contribution to the preservation of our living environment.



We use environmentally friendly packaging, such as reusable containers, and use reusable tableware, cutlery and glasses to fulfill our environmental responsibility.


We provide our guests with carafes of piped drinking water and ensure that they are continually filled with fresh water. We also take care of the timely removal and cleaning of the glass carafes.

Building/energy consumption

In all meeting and conference rooms we keep the room temperature at a maximum of 20°C, and the cooling is no more than 6 degrees below the outside temperature. In addition, we rely on the use of daylight where possible, optimized lighting control and efficient sun protection to save energy and improve room comfort.


We use dishwashers with the highest energy efficiency. When selecting IT devices, printers or multifunctional devices, we rely on products that have less impact on the environment.

Kitchen waste

We collect kitchen waste and used cooking oil separately to ensure environmentally friendly disposal.

Waste separation

We have set up waste islands that enable separate collection for paper, organic waste, glass, light packaging and metal. In addition, we minimize packaging waste by using reusable containers and requiring our suppliers to take back packaging. We order in bulk and use recycled cardboard for cardboard packaging to reduce our ecological impact.

Product selection

We prefer products from organic farming and those that come from fair trade, including coffee, tea and juices. We rely on using food that is available in season and transported in an environmentally friendly manner. We consciously avoid fish and fish products from endangered stocks in our catering and instead rely on certified products to ensure that we offer sustainable options.

cleaning supplies

We use cleaning agents extremely sparingly and consistently avoid environmentally harmful versions.

Water consumption

We place information signs about water-saving devices in order to raise participants’ awareness and make them aware of resource-saving use.


Since July 2023, we have been certified with the internationally recognized GreenSign sustainability certificate and meet the most important criteria in line with ecological standards, social commitment and economic success.
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